Greetings and thank you for visiting our site. You've just taken the first step in helping to save our youth and enhancing our community while helping me Establish Access, Take Action and Create Effective Results.

I have lived in East Harris County for almost forty years and have a vested interest in our success and those of our families.  My name is Lucia Bates and I am running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 Place 2 in Baytown, Texas March 2018.

have experience working with various organizations throughout our area and this has afforded me the opportunity to interact with the community on a local level.  I want to make it my priority to keep our young men and women out of the prison system by re-introducing them to programs that were successful in the past and working with the School Districts and existing youth agencies to intercept, rehabilitate and letting incarceration be a last resort not the first.

We have got to keep our young men and women in our community as productive citizens.  I would love to visit with you and see how we can collaborate. My affiliations and experience has made me privy to resources that will make a difference. Please submit your email address so we can keep in touch throughout this very exciting election cycle. You the voter, have an opportunity to get your voice heard. By creating Access and taking Action on your recommendations, we can Create Effective Results.

Alone, there’s not very much we can do, but together, We can make a difference! My Love for Community makes it very easy to serve.

                   Please Vote for me, Lucia Bates, a JP who will be Accessible to the entire Community!



The Independent School Districts are currently experiencing a loss in funding due to truancy. As a Justice of the Peace, I plan to collaborate with the education departments as well as county agencies to serve at risk youth.  We need to deter the youth from drugs and truancy by keeping them engaged.

One of the responsibilities of a J.P is to settle Landlord / Tenant disputes. As a past Realtor, I was required to be knowledgeable about the Fair Housing and Tenant Law. As the President for my Home Owners Association, I am also required to mediate with homeowners who do not adhere to architectural guidelines and bylaws. I vow to uphold the law and mediate without prejudice.
My background has adequately prepared me to work with individuals
included in the following seven protected classes: race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, disability, and familial status. My goal is to always
try to do the right thing resulting in a fair resolution.

I am currently affiliated with a department that is privy to changes in our environment especially living in East Harris County. I will be sure to disseminate pertinent environmental information to the constituents when I receive it.


I Vow to remain actively involved in the community and contribute however I can. I will engage with the various organizations such as the Senior Citizens, Churches, Youth Groups and the various charitable organizations as a valuable resource. I will remain accessible and will follow-up to see how the communities within my jurisdiction are doing on a regular basis.


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